jumbo sighs
50 minutes of screwed kosmiche and other flavor of the second genres.
leech aggregates vol. 9 [mp3, 70mb]

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28 Oct 2006 by the_leech

blackout text
50 minutes of spacecake steppers and next gen drunk dial.
leech aggregates vol. 7 [mp3, 73mb]
30 Jun 2006 by the_leech

holocene 3 year anniversary
69 minute playlist excerpt from a free show
with sutekh and bodycode at my favorite
venue in portland.

leech aggregates vol. 6 [mp3, 95mb]

30 Jun 2006 by the_leech

70 minutes of disco'd sweet and techno slow.
leech aggregates vol. 5 [mp3, 99mb]
04 May 2006 by the_leech

fits to get loose
60 minute techno/house mix-an inadvertent cajmere tribute?
leech aggregates vol. 4 [mp3, 78mb]
22 Feb 2006 by omco

prattle royale
80 minutes of slappers with a smidge of jit.
leech aggregates vol. 3 [mp3, 109mb]
10 Feb 2006 by omco

mall bangs meets the undercut
70 minute italo punk and clash house mix
leech aggregates vol.2 - [mp3,96mb]
08 Jan 2006 by omco

leech aggregates
69 minutes of thizzed club and commercial crunk
leech aggregates - [mp3, 97.9Mb]
22 Oct 2005 by omco